Related Sites

Dealers I Can Vouch For
  • Monster’s Collectibles
    Lots of dealers say “send us your want list, we keep it on file,” but Ken Danker really means it. He’s found lots of books for me since I started this web site.
  • Redbeard’s Book Den
    I've bought a lot of stuff from Redbeard over the years. He’s a good source for crime comics and other esoterica. And always a pleasure to deal with, too.
  • Metropolis Collectibles
    They keep current inventory lists on their website. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them, too.
  • Pacific Comic Exchange
    You can't access their on-line service via the web (not yet, anyway), but there’s still a lot of cool, high-dollar books to gawk at here.
  • Four Color Comics
    Their site features a form for searching their inventory database. Cool, but kind of awkward to use. I’m sure they're still working on it.
  • Bill Cole Enterprises
    BCE is the best supplies (mylars, boxes, etc.) dealer, IMHO.
  • Quasar Comics
    They have regular auctions with lots of cool 50s and crime comics. Drop by their site to see a preview of what’s coming up in the next auction.


Other Cool Sites

  • Chank Company Alphabet & Art Store
    Web site of the one and only Mr. Chank Diesel. Chank has some of the coolest fonts around. Some of his fonts, like Nicotine, will seem strangely familiar.
  • House of Zing
    Mark Zingarelli is an artist in Pittsburgh. If you like my crime comic covers, you’ll like Mark’s artwork.
    Online portfolio and gallery featuring the work of Rob Schwager. Rob freelances for DC comics on Green Lantern. How cool is that?
  • Jerkbox & Punk’nhead
    J&P is a cool new (as of yet unpublished) comic book. It’s a crime comic all right, but not exactly like these here. Check it out...
  • Suspicion of Murder
    A cool "you solve the mystery" game site.